Issues that have motivated me

A bit of a cheesy title, but it’s important to reflect upon what has motivated us to strive for change. Here’s a selection of videos that have motivated me.

As a child my view of the world was extremely limited, I wasn’t aware of social, political or economical issues but I was definitely aware of animals. Like most children I watched animals on TV and had animal toys littered around my room, so if there was a place to start then animals would definitely be it.

The video below may not be what I saw in the 1990’s, but all the same emotional pulls are there. Cute animals seem to bring out a parental side in people in which we want to protect this a seemly fragile animal. I remember seeing an advertisement by WWF in the 90’s asking for donations to help save the seal pups, I was instantly sold. There began at the age of 8, my yearly donations to WWF

Animal conservation and protection is an issue I will always be passionate about, and cute animals will always tug on my heart strings, however as you get older your opinions change and you are quite likely to find something else that you feel passionately about.

The Israel and Palestinian conflict is an issue I feel very strongly about, but does it motivate me? I could say that it once did. The framing of this conflict, aside from picking sides, is that it is an issue that cannot be solved. Even the Amnesty international video detailed below does not provide me with a ‘call to action’ on how to influence or make a difference, I am just made aware.  There are aid organisations that you can donate for medical, food supplies etc, however due to the political situation and Israeli blockade that aid might never reach the West bank or Gaza strip. You need to feel positive that change can be achieved to be motivated, I do still believe that change can be achieved. Perhaps it’s just a matter of time for that optimistic movement, where the human rights of the Palestinians can be protected

In 2009 I saw the global climate call wake up video by Avaaz. What I love about this campaign video is how it feels fun and creative. You could do what ever you wanted but you need to do something. Feeling part of a global community and having a call to action, is what I find really motivates me in this video.


2 thoughts on “Issues that have motivated me

  1. That’s interesting.. i like the fact that u need to feel positive to be motivated, to achieve something. Human nature being so diverse, for me, if something is worth a fight, i will jump in, no matter the outcome, of course will strive to achieve it. nice observations though.


  2. I keep trying to think of what was my “aha!” moment. I don’t think I can pin point one specific moment that led me to being motivated to social change action. Somehow I think my involvement with the Rotaract Club and the various community service opportunities we had, led me to this point. The amount of people who are socially disadvantaged amazed me. Something has to be done to help them and I don’t mind doing that something. For me though, I’m more interested in policy development and legislation to protect basic human rights.


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